The Secure Anonymised Information Linkage Databank

SAIL is a world-class, anonymous data linkage system that securely brings together the widest possible array of routinely-collected data for research, development and evaluation. Robust Governance arrangements underpin all areas of our work so that SAIL represents a valuable data resource, whilst complying with data protection legislation and confidentiality guidelines.

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Work With Us

SAIL is engaged in a range of productive partnerships and research collaborations to take forward the data linkage agenda and promote high quality research. We work closely with policy-makers, regulatory and statutory bodies, public service professionals, the private sector, and many academic and research groups. Our active Consumer Panel is of particular importance in providing us with the patient/public view on data linkage research, and patient/public involvement in our work.

Projects Using SAIL

SAIL is engaged in many high quality projects including: clinical trials, methodological developments, and observational and epidemiological studies, comprising a broad portfolio of research and development.